Program will be extended as per need/situation.


To serve children infected/affected by HIV and orphans who are deprived of education due to their HIV status & poverty


To contribute towards minimizing the impact of HIV/AIDS through education 



  • To provide a formal education to infected and affected children and orphans, so that they will have the resources to build a secure future for themselves.
  • To provide psychosocial support and counseling in order to help children cope with the emotions inherent to their situation, such as fear, anger, and loneliness.
  • To provide a safe, enabling and stigma-free environment for the educational, medical and other similar needs of these children to be met.
  • To provide a caring home with comprehensive health care to infected/affected orphaned children.
  • Make efforts to link children with the community in order to integrate them into society.
  • To provide services to the parents and family of the children in order to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS.
  • To reach out to the community at a grassroots level to educate about HIV and AIDS, as well as raise awareness to other closely related issues.

It is the belief of Punarbal Plus that by strictly adhering to these goals and objectives, a sustainable and effective program can be built. It is the hope that after 30 years of dedicated work and growth, Punarbal Plus can be turned over to the Nepal government, where it can be integrated into national policy and expand the reach of the cause.