Home for HIV/AIDS orphan children

 Punarbal Plus opened a Care and Support Center "Punarbal Home"near the school premises at Sitapaila, Kathmandu on November 25th 2009. The children residing at Punarbal Home at present are from different districts of Western Nepal. The children at the Home are double orphans (26 children with 21 infected).

Prior to living at the Home, these children were enduring a life of extreme poverty and were ostracized and discriminated by the community. Though there are provisions from other donor organizations to provide monetary incentives for those guardians who take care of the orphaned children, our experience is that many  guardians were accepting the funds only through greed and not to support  the children in their care. Therefore, Punarbal Home houses some of the very needy children who have  nowhere else to go. 

At this home, children receive nutritional food, clean environment, weekly medical check-up, psychosocial support and above all, a stigma free environment. Psychosocial support is crucial to establish a healthy state of mind following the traumatic events experienced by these children. We provide such psychosocial support and offer them counseling that attempts to help the children cope and resolve such issues.

We ensure that children grow up in a safe and loving environment without discrimination, and will be provided with the resources they need to build a securefuture.  

Referral to Punarbal Home

If you know of any HIV double orphan children waiting for support, you can contact Punarbal Plus. Please complete the Child Entry Form and send to us by email.