We have been involved with a range of Programs including our primary activities:

a)      Home for HIV/AIDS orphan children

b)      Primary school

c)      Community integrate support project

d)     Skill development training  for HIV/AIDS single women

 In order to deliver such programs, the range of activities already established and continuing include::

Education: formal education in line with the education standards set by the Government.  

Nutrition: as many of the children are under Antiretroviral Therapy they need healthy food. 

Medical support: a full time staff nurse; Provision of medical testing for HIV, Health Care with HIV specialist doctor  and registration for ARV therapy; CD4+ cell count to provide information on effectiveness of treatment; Treatment of opportunistic infections associated with the depletion of the immune system during the progression of HIV infection

Psychosocial support: counselling; yoga and meditation; dance

Advocacy and awareness raising: Lobbying and meeting with the concerned organisations, school authorities and health organisations is conducted three times a year. Punarbal Plus has observed that by advocating on the rights to education and stigma & discrimination towards the children infected in schools, the school authorities are slowly agreeing to admit infected children which can be considered as very positive in context of Nepal

Community education: trainings to families and mothers on first aid care, low cost          nutritional food, taking care of minor ailments and other burning issues.