Punarbal Children Welfare Trust

As it is very difficult to secure trust from donor organizations and  government bodies for long term initiative, Punarbal Plus established “Punarbal Children Welfare Trust” on June 15, 2013 to ensure adequate trusting for achieving our goals and for the long term continuation of the work and Plus mission. The Welfare Trust will be trusted solely by private supporters.  


We are seeking individuals to join us in our noble efforts by becoming a sponsor for either a child for each month or to sponsor our Home for a day. It costs approximately $100 per month to provide the food, medicine, accommodation and schooling expenses for each child.

Individual donors are sought to contribute toward these costs and any amount is greatly appreciated.

A guideline for what your contribution will cover includes:

  • $25/month for medicine and transportation
  • $25/month for education
  • $50/month for food and accommodation
  • Or perhaps you are interested in sponsoring our Home for one day of the year? This costs $120 (or 9,999NRS) one payment per year and covers everyday operational expenses. 

As a sponsor, you will aid in rescuing HIV infected double orphaned children from a desolate life on the streets and in preventing early deaths due to lack of proper shelter, nutrition, social support and medical care. You will also be helping to educate a nation to renounce stigma and discrimination. You can become a member as an individual or, to defray costs, as a member of a group or organization.  


Legal Operation Details of the Fund

Punarbal Children Welfare Trust will operate under the action plan prepared by Punarbal Children Welfare Trust working committee established under laws and bylaws of Punarbal Plus.

Punarbal Plus will appoint a coordinator to nominate six other members who will form a Punarbal Children Welfare Trust working committee. Among the seven members, five will be from Punarbal Plus.  The secretary    of the Punarbal Plus will be the ex-officio member of Punarbal Children Welfare Trust.

Punarbal Children Welfare Trust may form sub-committees and may plan child education awareness programs as required but has to be approved by the working committee before implementation.                  

Punarbal Children Welfare Trust has been established for the welfare of children according to the express objectives of Punarbal Plus.  Neither the organization nor its fund may be used for any activity other than sustaining of our children’s home, school and awareness programs.

All finances of the Trust will be deposited in an exclusive bank account approved by the working committee of the Trust.  The account will be operated by the joint signature of the coordinator and secretary of the Trust.

The income and expenditure statement of the Trust must be approved by the working committee.

Progress report will be shared with all the members twice a year in July and December. 

Once a year Annual Meeting will be held where all the members will be invited for financial and program review.