Who We Are

Punarbal Plus is an organization founded in 2007 that is dedicated to providing care and education to the children of Nepal who is either infected with the HIV virus or have been directly affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The program consists of three separate projects all operating under the Punarbal Plus title: Punarbal Shikshya Sadan, Punarbal community care center, and the Punarbal Awareness and Interaction Project. There is only one Punarbal Plus building, in which the administration and activities of these projects takes place. All three projects attack a different aspect of the issue of HIV/AIDS in Nepal, yet all are very closely interconnected.


Figure 1: Hierarchal Organization of Punarbal Plus.


Punarbal Shikshya Sadan

The Punarbal Shikshya Sadan or “Primary School” was the first project to be established, in February of 2007. Noticing immense neglect for the education of children infected/affected by HIV, the school was initiated in order to provide these children with the education they deserve. Punarbal Plus believes that education is a fundamental right of all children, and to deprive them of this is truly immoral. It began with 35 children, and since then the enrollment has more than tripled.


Punarbal community care Center (ccc)

Despite the immense success and growth of their existing projects, Punarbal Plus recognized one more piece still missing from their efforts. Many of these children had lost one or both parents to the AIDS virus and had nowhere to call home. So in November of 2009, the Punarbal community care center was established. This care center aims to provide care and guidance as well as nutritional and medical care to children that would, otherwise, go without. . Currently, the center puts up 30 children and 5 positive women.


Punarbal Awareness and Interaction Project

The education of these children does little good if the society that they must eventually reenter is not willing to accept them. So shortly after the opening of the school, Punarbal Plus began work on their Awareness and Interaction Program.  This project is dedicated solely to reaching out to the community, educating the people to the truth about HIV, and advocating for these children’s rights as well as many other related issues such as women’s rights and modern techniques for preventing the spread of the virus. Specific attention is paid to school administrators and teachers in order to integrate these children back into the government school system once they have completed their primary education at Punarbal Shikshya Sadan.


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